Coaches Library –
Level 1 (Red)

The forehand technique:

The forehand footwork and stances:

The Forehand play:

The backhand technique:

  1. Proper grip
    • Lower hand hammer
    • upper hand eastern
  2. Back swing racket head above hands
  3. Circular swing path (high-low-high)

The backhand footwork and stances:

  1. Square
  2. Semi Open
  3. Open

The volley technique:

  1. Proper ready position and continental (hammer) grip
  2. Firm wrist
  3. Racket head above hand
  4. No back swing

The volley footwork:

  1. Use a two step process
    • step out
    • step forward
  2. Well timed split step
  3. Use proper technique

The Service technique:

  1. Grip: Hammer
  2. Stance: Platform
  3. Toss: consistent towards net post
  4. Rythymic service motion
  5. Palm facing down during back swing

The overhead technique:

  1. Use trophy position with the hammer grip
  2. Use a wide stance
  3. Transfer weight from back foot to front foot during contact
  4. Use proper